Message By Chairman SMC

India, as an emerging super power, is on the threshold of being Global Leader, in the era of Globalization and rapid technological advancements. As future citizens, the children today require globally relevant education with dynamic skill sets, to contribute towards Nation Building, conservation of natural resources and sustainable development.

In this dynamic environment, teachers and parents have an onerous responsibility of empowering the students to obtain the requisite skill sets, social values, moral courage and physical fitness to become responsible citizens, achievers and innovators, in the field of their choosing. It is also important that we create an environment of happiness and camaraderie in the School, propelling Self-belief, Positive attitude, Problem solving ability and such soft skills for the students. Our efforts should be towards making them self reliant and confident, in all walks of life, than just gaining academic excellence or text book knowledge, i.e, holistic development with value based education process

My message to our students is to enjoy your childhood and formative days in Primary School, availing the excellent academic and sports infrastructure of the School. It is important to develop communication skills in English, being the medium of instruction, Hindi as the national language and computer based/ digital platforms of communication. Sound understanding of the basics of Mathematics, Sciences and Social Sciences, at this stage, would enable you to pursue your higher education and career goals, with ease, in the coming years. It is important to actively participate in outdoor activities, team games and sports to enhance your physical fitness, inter personal skills, team building and long-lasting friendships.

Our efforts are towards nurturing every student to evolve as patriotic, responsible citizen of our great country, with respect for women/ girl child, contributing towards inclusive development of all sections of our diverse society and engage in harmonious Nation Building.

Jai hind